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Introducing Abundance University... The First Transformation School Designed To Help You Achieve Your Dreams Fast!

Hey there!

Riley Dayne here and I want to thank you for being on the webinar training; I really appreciate you taking the time to show up!

But before you go I want you to know that there are less than 24 Seats Left for Abundance University!

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Abundance University is a 90 day, total transformation school for people who are serious about getting clear on their goals, removing deep seeded abundance blocks, and creating a life of wealth and abundance!

Its 90 full days of class, designed to get you life altering results and give you an exact blue print to achieve your wildest dreams!

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First let me give you a sneak peek of what's inside...

Abundance University Courses

You'll get access to 12 weekly modules containing powerful abundance accelerating training lessons, corresponding downloadable workbooks so you can follow along, audio MP3 downloads so you can listen to on the go and a step by step exercise worksheets where I'll walk you through the exact abundance blueprint outlined in each lesson to ensure maximum results.

We'll go through each of these modules together, one at a time, to make sure you avoid getting stuck in information overload, and instead stay on purpose and on track!

I know we're all busy and so I've designed Abundance University to make achieving your dreams and living an abundant life EASY, so its' all laid out in small, very easy to absorb bite size chunks.

At the end of each module I'll be assigning you special mastery exercise designed to move closer and closer towards your goals and dreams...

And I'll be watching how you go and if you need extra help, I'll personally follow up with you by email to help keep you on track moving forwards.

Perhaps most exciting of all is a private members only discussion group, where you'll be able to interact with other abundance university class mates 24/7 and trade insights, encouragement, support and master mind your way to abundance!

You'll have direct access to me as your coach, I'll be in there answering your questions and making sure you're moving forward, towards your number 1 goal!!

Every 30 days I'll be holding Q&A session online, to get deeper into learning from each of the modules, and to answer questions posted inside the community forum.

Note: we'll record them in case you miss them (I know times zones can suck lol)

Remember the Abundance University is specifically designed to make achieving success and abundance easy for you.

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn During Our 90 Transformational Days Together:

Module 1

In the first module, we'll continue todays training and help you refine and create your crystal clear vision of your future so we know exactly what we're working towards.

We'll work together step by step, using process called "the reality architect" to design your own personal "abundance map" to make staying on a track and motivated, a breeze.

Module 2

In week two, we'll delve deep to uncover your true purpose in life and reveal something known as your "soul goal."

If you've ever had that feeling that you were meant for something more, but you weren't sure what it is... don't worry this module will uncover exactly what makes you the happiest most fulfilled version of yourself and reveal the "the optimized you." So you can effortless begin to live a life of abundance and contribution.

Module 3

In week three we'll build and design simple, yet powerful daily abundance rituals. These are daily rituals that will help you to fast track your road to success. Every major athlete, CEO and leader in the world has a very specific routine that allows them to succeed with ease.

These rituals will help you to set your success on auto pilot, radically improve motivation and make reaching your goals easier than ever before

I'll also show you how to build something called a gratitude jar, that will 10x your manifestation power in as little as 21 days…you're going to love it!

Module 4

In week 4 we'll deal with your top 3 "dream stealers"…these are pieces of your personality and consciousness that actively try to hold you back from fulfilling your life's purpose and road block your abundance.

The worst of these culprits is something called your "secret sabotager" - But don't worry, once I show you where it came from and how it was created, I'll walk you through exactly how to remove it so you'll never hear that doubting voice in the back of your head, criticize you, ever again.

And once it's gone, you'll be able to manifest your dream reality faster and easier than ever before, it's going to feel like a lifetime of weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Module 5

In module six we'll hack your happiness levels to reveal the untold benefits of raising optimism. Not only can this aide in reversing the ageing process and help cure chronic pain but raising your happiness levels can actually give you super human "problem solving abilities" in the face of some of your greatest challenges.

In fact some of the biggest corporations in the world utilize this principal to out strategize their competitors, it's known as the "happiness advantage."

And once you have it for yourself, you'll have a massive leg up on the competition.

Module 6

In week five I'll reveal an extraordinary technique known as random acts of abundance, that will reveal the true power of how to give back (the proper way) and ensure that the universe brings back what you giveaway 10 fold.

Giving is a massive piece of the abundance puzzle that most people fear due to their own financial scarcity, but don't worry, not only are these RAOAs incredibly fun to do but they'll barely cost you a thing.

You'll be amazed at how much abundance comes flooding into your life the first time you perform this simple technique!

Module 7

In module seven I help you find your “soul backers.” These are people in the world who would love to help you achieve your dreams and support you in the process.

I’ll show you how to use several powerful platforms to help you fund your biggest dreams.

if you’ve ever had a big dream but didn’t think you had the finances to pull it off... I’ll show you exactly how I got 200k to make my dream movie (at the age of 24 with no experience in the film industry) and exactly how you can get to get your dream funded from your own personal “soul backers” too.

Module 8

In week 8 we’ll push you into money mastery. Not only will I reveal how to use your unique gifts to get paid for doing what you love, or possibly even start your own freedom based business.

But I’ll reveal little known strategies called “money magic” which enabled a 55 year old delivery truck driver who never made more than 14,000 in a year, retire with 21 million dollars to his name. These simple, real world strategies can unlock untold financial abundance so you’ll never have to live in financial panic or scarcity again.

Module 9

In week 9 we'll get you dreaming with giants. I'll show you how to get your personal heroes to support you and your mission.

Have you ever thought, If only I had this person to help me, or if that person would answer my call or this if person would work with me, my goals and dreams would be so much easier to achieve?…

well I'm going to show you exactly how I got people like Bob proctor, Joe Vitale and T. Harv Eker to sit down with me one and one, share their secrets and even support and mentor me in my business endeavors.

Once you learn this, there won't be person in the world that won't return your emails or phone calls and be happy to help you and your cause.

Module 10

In module 10 we'll upgrade your lifestyle. Have you ever had a dream of owning 4 homes around the world, maybe a place in Paris, Bali and Argentina? I'll show you how can achieve this dream with the same salary you make right now.

In fact, I'll even show you how some people get paid to travel the world for free… if you ever feel as though your life is missing adventure, this module will pull back the curtain of the rich and famous and show you "lifestyle accession" techniques to live out your wildest dreams while actually saving money over your current lifestyle.

Module 11

In week 11, we'll put it all together and connect the dots from your previous 10 weeks. We'll lay out your personal "Abundance Blueprint" that will give you the road map to stay on track well after our time together is over.

My goal is for you not to need me long term, in this module I'll ensure you've mastered every area of the program before progressing onto the last chapter.

Module 12

In the last and final week, we'll complete the final step. You'll graduate the program and we'll hold a group celebration. We'll clear up any last minute questions you're not sure on, to ensure you have crystal clarity and confidence moving forward.

In fact you'll actually be certified as an abundance university graduate and be ready to conquer the world!

So you're probably wondering, how much would enrollment in a school this powerful be?

Well if it were a traditional school you'd be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars, but since we can now use the power of the internet to teach online.... tuition will be the small investment of $997.

And when I looked around at all the other products that are on the market it hit me that pricing Abundance University at $997 would be a steal

Now I don't say this because we've invested thousands of dollars into building an amazing platform that makes it so easy to succeed...

I say this because in 90 days, your life will be completely different, not only will you have reached your goals but you'll be setting bigger and greater goals for yourself...

And without a shadow of a doubt you will achieve them...

The changes you'll experience when we're together will be real and permanent.

Now although I know Abundance University is well worth $997, I don't want to just help those who can afford it at any price...

I know for many people jobs are harder to find in these tough economic times and money might not be flowing in abundance...yet

So with this in mind I want to truly be able to help as many people as possible...

So before we started this training session today, my team and I decided to do something pretty special...we decided to offer you tuition at half price...

Because we realized that by offering tuition at this incredible discount, we could double the amount of people we help... which would be totally amazing

Which means, if you take action today and work towards achieving your number one goal in 90 days or less, you can enroll in the upcoming AU for just $497

Or to make it even easier on your budget, you can choose the easy pay-as-you-go option below...

However I have even more good news...

Enrollment for the program is now open – which means you're still eligible for the early enrollment discount!

Which means, if you act today and sign up for the 'Abundance University program' early bird special your investment will be the incredible low price of just $297...

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Yes that's a whopping 70 percent off the regular tuition fee!

Now here me when I say this is a time sensitive offer and one that I'm only offering to you on this live presentation

And In order for me to give you each and every one of you my personal attention I have to limit the number of seats available, due to the very hands on nature of this workshop.

So if you're ready to change your life, now is the time to take action...

Because by the looks of how many people signed up to attend today's free class, it's going to fill up fast!

And if you're still here with me, I know you're the type of person I'd like to work with... Because by taking the time to show up today it proves you're ready to massively improve your life

And of course you'll be covered by 100 percent 60 day, love it or get all of your money back, guarantee!

Go through the first 2 thirds of the course with me and if you feel dissatisfied for any reason, let me know and I'll rush you a refund, no hassle or forms to fill out...

So I have one final question for you...

Are you ready to take action? Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to live your wildest dreams?

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Regular Price: 1 Payment $997.00

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One-Time Payment

Regular Price: 1 Payment $997.00

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